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Donate today to keep our traditions going strong!

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When you think of Little Italy, the first thing that may come to mind is tradition. Alta House has a 125 year tradition of recreation and support for immigrants and families. Cleveland Montessori has a 25 year tradition of educating students and promoting diversity. Traditions are the backbone that builds memories and fondness for the places where we grow up and what keeps us connected to our roots.

Alta House and Cleveland Montessori proudly serve the families and community of Little Italy and Greater Cleveland, touching many lives.

  • Educating our youth through an authentic Montessori program in the tradition of Italian educator and physician, Maria Montessori
  • Renovating and maintaining the historic Alta House built in 1895 by the Rockefeller family
  • JAC Bocce Tournament
  • Annual Taste in Little Italy food and wine extravaganza featuring many of the Little Italy restaurants and merchants
  • Senior programs that allow Intergenerational connections between students and neighborhood seniors
  • Recreational programs for bocce, basketball and Italian Language
  • Holiday events for the community – Halloween, Christmas and Easter

As part of the tradition, individual gifts have sustained our two organizations over the years. Your donation TODAY to our combined annual fund campaign will keep programs going and provide opportunities to expand to include additional cultural classes, library events, recreational offerings and more. We look forward to continuing to serve Little Italy with respect for the memories built over generations and anticipation of the memories yet to be made. You are invited to join us for future events to re-live your old memories and make new ones! We would love to hear your stories…please share on Facebook or Instagram!